The Great Canadian Notebook

What is so boring about a country that shouldn’t exist -- but still does?

Canada is a nation that sprung from a number of different sources, and over the course of time has merged those various influences into a country that may not be perfect, but is still a place deemed world-wide to be one of the best that ever was.

That is why this book is important. It is important because it brings together a number of Canadian stories that must be told and re-told before they are forgotten forever. We Canadians need to blow our own horns once in a while, not in an antagonistic, jingoistic manner but in a humble yet accurate fashion. And with a bit of fun thrown in as well.

Canadian history is boring? We beg to differ.

What is boring about the story of a nation that makes mistakes, but keeps trying, however poor those attempts may be, to get things right? We have won in war; we have won in peace. We have earned international acclaim in a number of fields and have provided the world with important inventions and innovations in just about everything, from medicine and movie-making to hockey, curling, agriculture, communications and much more.
The Canadian story is boring. It certainly is. About as boring as overtime in game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and we all know how dull that can be.

Our hope is that this book will assist you, in some small way, in achieving a better, more complete understanding of this place we call Canada.